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Charleston Receipts

"With Charleston Receipts...I've turned out comfort dishes that have never failed." - Michelle Green, Food & Wine magazine

Called the Bible of all Junior League cookbooks, Charleston Receipts features recipes that have served Charleston hostesses well for decades and is considered a "must" in any cookbook collection. Described by Food & Wine as "reflecting the nostalgia for the Old-South that prevailed among low-country aristocrats during the postwar (Civil War) era," Charleston Receipts features a recipe collection as colorful and timeless as the area that it represents. The recipes were influenced by the family cooks, many of whom spoke the Gullah dialect, a centuries-old Atlantic Creole language that is illustrated and preserved throughout the pages of Charleston Receipts. For its outstanding preservation of local and regional culinary customs and its benefits to the local community, Charleston Receipts was inducted into the Walter S. McIlhenny Community Cookbooks Hall of Fame in 1990.

Hardcover, 376 pages

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